Thursday, November 12, 2009

Teenage Angst...

This is a picture of me in High School.

Not High School Musical but actual high school.

Today is my off day from work so, naturally, it is my day to catch up on my blogging. So I was surfing the net like a usually do and I thought:

"I haven't been to my myspace in ages. I should go check it out."

My main motivation in signing back into the relic know as my Myspace profile was to read old blog I had written when it was cool to blog (or do anything for that matter) on your Myspace Profile.

I first was distracted by the multitude of pictures on my profile, which I've decided that's the only reason I haven't erased my profile yet, because there are some really sick pictures on there and I am too lazy to save all of them to my computer. Then I turned my attention to the blog area of my profile.

I was very surprised to see that I was a very angsty teenager!

When I think about my teenage years I don't really recall being as emotional and full of inner torment as my blog conveys.

But from the looks of it I was.

It seems that I was really lonely. Which I now that I think of it, I guess I kinda was.

Anywho, I wanted to share a poem that I had written on Friday, March 10, 2006.


This world is scary

I feel it caving in

Hurts and anger solidify

My feelings hide within

My parents are apart

Split among my kin

I want to scream in hatred

My feelings hide within

This is what I'm supposed to think

Other thoughts are sin

I want to shriek and prove them wrong

My feelings hide within

I want to dance, and paint, and sing

Put on a suit and pin

Don't want to be an office boy

My feelings hide within

I want to be different all my life

Be bigger than this bin

Why can't people just be kind?

My feelings hide within

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Matthew said...

I forgot to mention earlier, but I absolutely love this poem. So genuine.