Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Conversation with the Confident Moon...

Last night I had the most simple and honestly spiritual experience.

It wasn't anything grand or tremendous. You may even roll your eyes or dismiss this entry as trite when you are done with it, but I just have to share it with you.

Nothing so normal has ever touched me so much.

As I said before, it was nothing grandiose or elaborate.

It was just moonlight.

As I slept I felt light fall upon my face. It was so bright and precise that I thought it had to be sunlight, indicating the beginning of another day.

But as I opened my eyes I realized that the rays were not from the sun, because the sun was still on the opposite side of the world.

No, I was awoken by the brightest moonlight I have even seen. It was so delicate and crisp as it traced the shape of my window across my bedsheets, lacing everything it brushed across with a thin layer of silver.

I sat up and just stared out my window into the face of the largest moon I've ever had a conversation with. It hung there with such poise and confidence, not apologizing for waking me up, but rather saying "you're welcome" for casting such simple beauty into my bedroom. It's voice sounded like "Clair Du Lune" and I never wanted to stop listening to it's song.

I sat and gazed for a time that I cannot measure, because it was one of the most centered moments I have ever experienced. I just bathed in the moonlight and felt gratitude for the pure light that was washing over my fingertips.

I drank up as much as I could handle and thanked the moon for sharing with me such simple beauty. I laid back down and as the last bit of moonlight tucked over me, I fell back asleep under the gaze of the confident moon.

I pray that I the silver moon will whisper to me again tonight...

*written to "Clair Du Lune" by Claude Debussy

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Anonymous said...

Too often, we find ourselves lost in the hustle of daily life, that we neglect the magnificent world around us. But I feel that, sometimes, these beautiful entities manage grab our if to say, "please don't forget me - for I haven't forgotten you." It's a truly transcendental moment.