Friday, February 5, 2010



The iPad

This goes into the list of amazing gadgets that I will never own/see.

Canon Mark 5D ii

Also in the list of technology I will sadly never own.
*more tears*

Dancing Like Shiva

And the Statue itself, which sits in my window seal.

This Wolf with Lady Gaga Make Up

I found this when I searched for Dancing...I dunno what it has to do with dance but I love him.

This Video!

*caution it is explicit so if you are offended by cursing don't watch*

And finally...don't freak out...

Solving Equations

I know it's so unlike me but lately there has been nothing more rewarding!


Back Pain

from Dancing like Shiva all week. And yes that's me.

Cutting people out of pictures

I hate when people use a group picture as their profile picture on Facebook and awkwardly cut the other person out. Example above.

Maybe Messages

I HATE when you RSVP to a Facebook event as "maybe" and then you get a message saying:

"Hey noticed that you answered "maybe" to ______ event. Well we really need (random number) of people there so we really hope you can come!"

That makes me not want to go to your stupid BBQ or Book Club Meeting or whatever else you are pushing via Facebook EVEN MORE!

Lady Gaga not winning Album of the Year

Enough said.


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Curtis said...

Do you know what I love?

This blog post. :)