Friday, April 16, 2010

Field Below (extended)

So earlier I mentioned that I did a shoot this morning. My friend Diego took the pics (cause I really wanted to be in them) and I art directed and edited them. Erin was just pretty. Which is important.

Please comment and enjoy



Tracy Schultz said...

This is so fantastic! Erin does look beautiful and you as handsome as ever. I love your creativity.

Can't wait for tomorrow....oh wait it is tomorrow in Florida. Happy Birthday.

Love ya!

CirqueDuSolErin said...

I did more than just be pretty! I did hair and makeup. Credit is due.

Carolyn said...

You both look amazing, I'm totally in love with the entire photo shoot. Well done my friend!

Allie said...

So yeah. You're my friends and I'm highly impressed, impossibly proud, and deathly jealous. Proud? Is that right right word? Hmm..

Laura said...

These are amazing... what inspired these?