Monday, September 13, 2010

What I did on my Day Off:

I had breakfast.

Then I went and had ANOTHER breakfast with Erin & Diego in Celebration.
Erin & I had Mimosas. Diego had Orange Soda.

I finished mine MUCH faster than Erin. Wa Wa.
Then we went to Woof Gang the Dog Bakery to buy Evie treats. Look at these Pac-Man dog cookies!
Then we went to the farmer's market.

I didn't buy radishes cause they are gross but I took a picture cause they are aesthetically pleasing.

Diego is a star fruit...wink wink.

Then I went home and ate one of the tomatoes I bought. Sooo juicy.

And I let Evie have her Teddy treats as well.

Then I got to end the night driving through a wonderful lightening storm.
And spending time with people that are very important to me.

It was a wonderful day off.


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