Saturday, March 5, 2011


Take a moment to laugh about this picture.
Moving on.
I work at at a dog bakery.
No we do not bake dogs, we bake FOR dogs.

Treats, cookies ect.

And all day as I sit behind my register I am forced to listen to and witness stupidity.

So since I'm trapped here I'm going to share with you the most common things I see and hear.

  1. First of all: Lets just put a blanket statement over the entire store so you don't have to say it 30 times: "This is SO cute."

  2. Listening to people walk into the store and exclaim with vigor and wonderment "Oh my God this store is for Dogs!?". Maybe all the dog pictures outside could have tipped you off.

  3. Seeing fully grown dogs riding around the store in baby strollers.

  4. Constantly reassuring people that there is in fact no real chocolate in our dog treats.

  5. Hearing rolling laughter as a group of older women discover the "I bark for the hell of it" shirts.

  6. Then as a result hear them remind each other "That is SO [insert name of said dog]! She totally does that. We should get her that shirt." They never do.

  7. Yes sir, the treats do look good enough to eat, you're very clever to suggest that you would.

  8. "Are dogs allowed in the store?" .............seriously?

  9. "Will this shirt fit a beagle?" Thats like saying "Will this shirt fit my son?". I have no idea.

  10. Yes, I have facial hair and a tattoo and I'm not smiling at you all the time. No, I'm not a criminal, I'm an art student trying to survive. So let me work and stop staring at me with your finger on the 911 speed dial.


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